I had a really fun evening photographing my friend’s kiddos back at the end of July. Thought I’d share a few of my favorite shots with you, as well as her really touching testimonial!

Melissa’s sweet testimonial…

We had an amazing time at our photo shoot. The atmosphere Christina created was just right to get great pictures as well as allow my children to thoroughly enjoy themselves.  The resulting pictures were magical, beautiful and perfectly captured the personalities of our children. Besides the stunning quality of the photos, we were most impressed with Christina’s patience with our children (toddler triplets and an autistic six-year-old)! The combination of the environment, Christina’s talent and patience came together to create some really beautiful images. Since the photos capture our children’s personalities so well we will be able to look back at these pictures and remember, more fully, this miraculous age of wonder, interpreted for us through the lens of Christina’s camera.

Thanks so much, Melissa! I am proud of this photo shoot, and it helped me grow so much. (I have come so far, even since July!)

HUGE thank you’s to all of my past clients! You have all been wonderful to me, and my experiences with you have really helped me develop my style and talent.

Any of my wonderful clients can submit a testimonial to me and receive a $20 print credit, just like Melissa did! Just write something up and email it on over. I will credit your file with the $20 credit and get back to you when I post your testimonial here on my blog!  Easy peasy! 😀


So, you’ve had an amazing photo session, waited patiently for the week until your ordering session (ok, it was torture to wait a week! lol), and you’ve decided to purchase a few large prints to hang in your home. But… you have no idea where to hang them or how to arrange them! Instead of tucking them away until you figure it out – let me help you out! (if you have some you have already stashed, take them out of hiding and give me a call!)

photo display in my home

My family can vouch for me – I’ve always had an eye for arranging wall art. Luckily it’s something I’m good at, AND I love doing it! Before we can begin, we need to do a little planning.

When you order framed or canvas prints from me during our in-home ordering session, here’s some of the questions and options we’ll cover. First, what room do you want your display in? Once you’ve decided, I will help you measure the wall. If any design issues come up, we’ll work to overcome them then. When your chosen prints arrive, I will deliver them to your home and help you install your wall display. (how cool is that?!)

Next comes the fun part! (well, fun for me at least!) This part will involve some large pieces of paper, more measuring, and some tracing. Then comes the nailing and hanging! And, finally you can enjoy your heirloom quality photographs, every day, for years to come.

Now, in order to provide some inspiration (and some eye candy!) – here’s a few of my favorite displays from around the web…

These are from an amazing site – Ariana Falerni Design

There’s also some great ideas over at Pottery Barn’s site.

You can find all these displays plus more over at my Pinterest account – click here to follow me on Pinterest. 🙂

Announcing my 2011 Christmas Card Saturday!

When: October 22, 2011
Where: Location to be determined (depends on the weather)
What you get:
30 minute photo session for $125
50 flat holiday cards + envelopes — completely customized with your adorable family photos, your choice of card templates from 4 different designs.

I haven’t purchased the card templates yet. Here’s your chance to pick your favorite! These card templates are all really adorable, perfect to document your family every year, and I think these designs fit just about every taste (traditional to funky modern).

Go here: Card templates

Then come back and leave a comment here with the name of your favorite, can’t-live-without-it, card choice. Then give me a call to set up your session for Saturday, Oct. 22! I have limited time slots available!

So, I thought it might be interesting (for me anyway! lol) to carry my little Canon S90 around with me today and document what an average day is like for me. Enjoy!

(click each image to enlarge and get more details about my day)

I’m not going to take the time right now to do a full review of this awesome little camera. But, I highly recommend it if you want a small camera that can fit in your purse or pocket that really can do almost anything. I always have mine with me!

Today I want to show you around my office! I feel so blessed to have my own little nook in the house… but it didn’t start out so great. My office is a small ‘bedroom’ in our finished basement – about 9’x13′. I’ll show you a bit of a photo timeline for this room – so you can fully appreciate how far it’s come!
This is what I saw in Aug. 2009 when I first looked at the house with our realtor. Pretty *bleh*, but it had potential! Almost the entire basement was finished in this awful paneling. Not for long, though.

In March of 2010, we started the year+ long remodel of our basement after a flood. One of the causes was a long crack in the foundation – on the right-hand side of my window. All carpet and paneling was replaced in the entire basement.

Once all the water issues were resolved, we started putting everything back together. Here’s the foam insulation and some sheetrock installed. (the green stuff is water-resistant – just in case). I actually put some up this up myself! 🙂

Walls are all up and primed! Next steps are texture and paint. Yay!

Textured, painted… check. The yummy yellow color is Glidden’s “Early Morning Sun”. My hubby calls it, “post-it yellow”. He says he wants to cover the walls with yellow post-it notes and see if I notice. lol I love it – it feels warm and cozy to me. 🙂 I also have the bulletin board section marked off here with some of the cork tiles installed. I got several packages of 1/4-inch cork tiles from assorted stores and glued them up with construction glue.

Laminate flooring almost done here. I got an amazing deal on it at Home Depot! Eight boxes on clearance, and one for only $10 because it had been opened! It was a cinch to install, too! The cork board is all done here, with a chair rail on the bottom edge and some trim around the window as well. And, one of my FAVE things about my office…

My weathered wall! This amazing wallpaper is from The Country House. It was a bit of a spurge, but I adore it! It was also super-easy to install, and I did it all myself!

Here’s a better shot of the bulletin board wall. It’s about 30 square feet of cork! 😀
Tada! Here’s my desk space. The cute button curtain is something I made BF (Before the Flood). I used it as my color/design inspiration for the entire room! You can check out my awesome button push-pins in action here. The digital frame on my window sill was an awesome gift from my hubby.

And finally… here’s a fun little collage with all the colors and textures I used. Hope you enjoyed the tour!“Where we love is home, Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Yesterday I got a spark of inspiration and decided to decorate my bulletin board wall in my office. 🙂 Thought I’d share my ‘how-to’ with you!

I started with a huge amount of green buttons I bought on ebay. They are all different sizes and shades of green. I bought them quite awhile ago to go with the decor in my office. (I’ll share more about that in a future post…) I hot-glued a ton of them to silver thumbtacks to use on my big bulletin board wall (upper 3 feet of a 13-foot wall – minus a window). Anyway… get yourself a bunch of push pins. Decorate them however you’d like – buttons, beads, fabric, pom-poms… go crazy!

1. I printed out a pretty cursive C. BIG font size – try to fill the entire page. You can use any font you’d like. I knew I had a variety of sizes of buttons, so I wanted a font that had both thick and thin parts in the letter.
2. Pinned it up on my cork board.
3. Filled in the letter with my button pins. I tried to put smaller ones on the thin parts of the letter, bigger ones on the thicker parts.
4. All filled in!
5. Carefully pull the paper away. I did have to remove a couple of pins and get the paper out from under them, then put them back in.

Tada! I think this is a great (and quick!) way to personalize and beautify a bulletin board (would work well in a classroom too!) Please comment and let me know what you think!Bulletin board art

My journalism schooling is screaming at me about saying “1st Annual” (something can’t be ‘annual’ unless it’s already happened once)… but I digress… lol

I am SUPER excited to announce this back-to-school mini session promotion and school supply drive! It is so important to me to help out our kids and their schools. They are the future! Let’s help make this new school year a little less stressful for some needy children. (and their parents and teachers!) This is such a great deal too – you pay $50 and your kiddo gets 20 minutes in front of my camera with some super-cute back-to-school props. You bring along a back pack and/or some school supplies and you get a 5×10 storyboard print. (they are really cute too! includes child’s name and grade)

Our location will be somewhere in the Portland area – I’ll let you know where as the date gets closer. 🙂

Give me a call or email and I’ll get you signed up! Contact me today – there are a limited number of time slots!

Christina Yates Photography