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Mommy preschool

Today I want to share a little of my thoughts and ideas about homeschooling a preschooler. Mind you, I am NOT an expert at this! I enjoy spending time with my 4-yr old and we have lots of fun learning and exploring. I’m a stay-at-home Mommy and she spends her days with me in order to spare the expense of a formal preschool. Our family calls this, “Mommy Preschool”.

A few things we have found useful (or just plain fun):

  • Invest in a few workbooks from a teacher supply store. Our favorite is our local Learning Palace. My favorite workbook is a seasonal activity book. The age/grade recommendation is 1st/2nd grade, so it’s perfect for both my 4 and 6-yr old. It has dot-to-dots with both numbers and letters, coloring pages, and (my fave) a blank calendar for each month that the kids can fill out and then color. Fun! I make copies of the pages for the kids to doodle and write on, and therefore save the book for future uses!
  • I make a point of leaving the house and just exploring. We like to visit parks and go for walks once a week or so. These excursions are also Mommy’s excuse for practicing new photography techniques!
  • We go through LOTS of sidewalk chalk! [I like to pick it up at the dollar store] We write names, practice writing words, and draw pictures. It’s also lots of fun to draw a road or even a city and then play with hot-wheel cars on the drawing!
  • Since we often have rainy days for 30+ days in a row during the winter(!),  we really try to spend as much time outside as we can when it ISN’T raining. 🙂 When he head out to the backyard, we usually spend some time playing with our dog, Hera.
  • We support our library! I love to take Keira there and check out books to read to her and for our 1st-grader to read as well. Keira really likes to play the educational computer games while I search out some books. Our library also has story time for kiddos and other weekly activities during the summer.
  • I’m a big fan of OregonMom.com. TONS of free and fun family activities listed!
  • Of course it is super-important to me that we eat healthy snacks to keep us fueled up! Since I’m diabetic, this is especially important for me! When I start to run out of ideas, here’s where I go: Parents, Family Fun, and my go-to recipe site – Allrecipes.com. I am also a HUGE fan of bento lunches!

Yay for Mommies! I know the joy, excitement, love, frustration, worry, and disappointment you experience (sometimes all in a single day!), I’ve been there, and AM there. 🙂 If you are lucky enough to spend your days “at home” with your little one or ones (we’re really not ‘at home’ all that much, right?) – I commend you and thank you. Remember to cherish all those little teaching moments, and to document all that you can – in photos or in writing. You and your kiddos will be glad you did.


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