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Winter Wonderland

Hi friends! I am excited to announce that I’ll be doing some shooting up in the snow! I’ll taking my 3 kids up Hwy 26 towards Mt. Hood on Monday, Jan. 16th. We’ll stop when we find somewhere fun to play in the snow for awhile! We’ll leave our house at about 11 AM and grab some lunch on the way. Please give me a call if you’d like me to call or text you to let you know where we are shooting. Local friends are welcome to come and play with us – you’ll only be charged a session fee if you’d like your own dedicated 20 minute session. If you do sign up for a mini-session, you’ll get a package of 32 cute Valentine’s cards with your photos on them.


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Mommy preschool

Today I want to share a little of my thoughts and ideas about homeschooling a preschooler. Mind you, I am NOT an expert at this! I enjoy spending time with my 4-yr old and we have lots of fun learning and exploring. I’m a stay-at-home Mommy and she spends her days with me in order to spare the expense of a formal preschool. Our family calls this, “Mommy Preschool”.

A few things we have found useful (or just plain fun):

  • Invest in a few workbooks from a teacher supply store. Our favorite is our local Learning Palace. My favorite workbook is a seasonal activity book. The age/grade recommendation is 1st/2nd grade, so it’s perfect for both my 4 and 6-yr old. It has dot-to-dots with both numbers and letters, coloring pages, and (my fave) a blank calendar for each month that the kids can fill out and then color. Fun! I make copies of the pages for the kids to doodle and write on, and therefore save the book for future uses!
  • I make a point of leaving the house and just exploring. We like to visit parks and go for walks once a week or so. These excursions are also Mommy’s excuse for practicing new photography techniques!
  • We go through LOTS of sidewalk chalk! [I like to pick it up at the dollar store] We write names, practice writing words, and draw pictures. It’s also lots of fun to draw a road or even a city and then play with hot-wheel cars on the drawing!
  • Since we often have rainy days for 30+ days in a row during the winter(!),  we really try to spend as much time outside as we can when it ISN’T raining. 🙂 When he head out to the backyard, we usually spend some time playing with our dog, Hera.
  • We support our library! I love to take Keira there and check out books to read to her and for our 1st-grader to read as well. Keira really likes to play the educational computer games while I search out some books. Our library also has story time for kiddos and other weekly activities during the summer.
  • I’m a big fan of OregonMom.com. TONS of free and fun family activities listed!
  • Of course it is super-important to me that we eat healthy snacks to keep us fueled up! Since I’m diabetic, this is especially important for me! When I start to run out of ideas, here’s where I go: Parents, Family Fun, and my go-to recipe site – Allrecipes.com. I am also a HUGE fan of bento lunches!

Yay for Mommies! I know the joy, excitement, love, frustration, worry, and disappointment you experience (sometimes all in a single day!), I’ve been there, and AM there. 🙂 If you are lucky enough to spend your days “at home” with your little one or ones (we’re really not ‘at home’ all that much, right?) – I commend you and thank you. Remember to cherish all those little teaching moments, and to document all that you can – in photos or in writing. You and your kiddos will be glad you did.

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a new baby!

HUGE thanks to my wonderfully talented BIL, Eric, and super-sweet sister, Angela, I have a new baby! The postman delivered her yesterday – boy, is she a beauty! hehe

I think I’m still a little in shock over this unexpected gift from them… a Canon 60D camera. It really means SO much to me to have an upgraded camera – I really hope to take my photography to the next level. 😀 I took the new camera outside for the first time this evening and really had fun playing around with the 50mm lens. Here’s some fun shots of my little Kiwi in the vegetable garden.

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oh, lovely!

I’ve been dying to stop by a local rhododendron garden and capture some blooms before they’re gone. Today was my chance! I decided to have Keira put on some ‘modeling clothes’, so she could be my model there. What a stroke of genius! lol She had a blast! (especially chasing the ducks around) I am definitely going back again. What an amazing garden!

one of my favorite models

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